Friday, February 4, 2011

To Be Cont.. Abinadi

To continue from my last post....
I can see that just from watching the video, one of the priest Alma has this look on his face. You can just see that his heart has been touched by the things that Abinadi said by the power of the Holy Ghost.
In the video Abinadi teaches them to repent of their sins, and remember that it is only through Christ we can be saved. Alma's reply to this is," I will remember."
This morning I wanted to read Abinadi's story in the Book of Mormon, and how Alma's life was changed because of the things which Abinadi had spoken. In chapter 17 of Mosiah verses 2-4 it says that Alma "believed the words which Abinadi had spoken."  
He pleaded to the King to let him go. The king got angry with Alma and wanted to kill him. He "fled from before them [the king] and hid himself that they found him not. Being hid for many days he did write all the words which Abinadi had spoken."  
Alma repented of his sins and went to the people and preached to them the words of Abinadi. I love that in the first video I posted Abinadi said they couldnt touch him until he has said what the Lord wanted him to say. Because of that Alma had a change of heart.
CES Fireside for Young AdultsThe song in this video really touches my heart. "The words of a prophet enlighten my mind, their words of love and peace, and they come from our God on High. Listen! Listen! To a prophet of our Lord."
The last part of this video, where Alma is speaking is found in Mosiah 18:7-11.
I'm so grateful for Abinadi for doing the will of the Lord, and because he did Alma was able to go and teach his words. He continued the work of the Lord.
I love these Book of Mormon prophets and our living prophet today. I know that President Thomas S. Monson is a man called of God and does speak His words. I know that the words of a prophet "enlightens our minds, their words are of love and peace and they DO come from our GOD on high." Listen to the prophet of the Lord.

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