Thursday, December 2, 2010


On sunday we had a pretty awsome sacrament meeting. There were some good talks. The speakers that were chosen to speak, spoke on "What to give Jesus for Christmas." I thought this was a very interesting topic and it caught my attention. They all did an amazing job and shared some of the things they would give Jesus for Christmas. Some examples are like serving someone, or reading the scriptures everyday. It can be anything. One of the speakers invited us to wrap a present of something that we want to give Jesus for Christmas and put it under the Christmas tree. Then on Christmas day open it, and give that gift to Jesus.
I personally don't know what I'm going to give Jesus for Christmas, but I'm thinking alot about it. When I think of something I'm going to do it, I'm going to wrap a present then give it to Christ on Christmas.

Just imagine how Christ will feel if we all do this. I can just imagine His face on Christmas day! His smile and His eyes filled with tears, because we all love and care about Him so much that we are willing to give Him a Christmas present and live that present every single day for the rest of our lives. I know that by doing this we will feel closer to Our Savior and Our Heavenly Father as well. What a proud Father, Heavenly Father, would be! 
I love you all and I know that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of you! 
Remember whoy you are and what you stand for!

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  1. I wish more people would put Christ into Christmas I'm trying my best with my 4yo dd. With this post I thought that you might like what this mom is doing with her children. I posted it on my Facebook page but thought I would do it here. She is really trying to put Christ into Christmas.