Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Remembering Our True Identity

It was fast and testimony meeting at church on sunday. I serve in the singles ward and it was amazing to me to see all these young single adults get up and express their feelings about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and of God.
In one of the meetings that we had, called relief society, where the women of the church get together and talk about the gospel from a womens point of view. It was on self worth. There are many of people in the world who struggle with this, especially women. I am one of these young women who struggle with this. I have for as long as I can remember.
I love this video, about the ugly duckling. "Think of where you come from, we are sons of daughters of God. He wants the best for us.....If we only understood who we are and what is in store for us."
I love that comment! "If we only understood who we are and what is in store for us." Obviously, because the title of my blog is Rememeber who you are and what you stand for!
I love the talk by Elder Jeffery R. Holland "To Young Women." This talk is amazing and it talks alot about how special women are to the Lord.. I mean we are all special, we are all sons and daughters.
In this talk he says something that i just love and read it often for myself..
"I plead with you young women to please be more accepting of yourselves, including your body shape and style, with a little less longing to look like someone else. We are all different. Some are tall, and some are short. Some are round, and some are thin. And almost everyone at some time or other wants to be something they are not! But as one adviser to teenage girls said: 'You can’t live your life worrying that the world is staring at you. When you let people’s opinions make you self-conscious you give away your power. … The key to feeling [confident] is to always listen to your inner self—[the real you.]' And in the kingdom of God, the real you is 'more precious than rubies.' Every young woman is a child of destiny and every adult woman a powerful force for good. I mention adult women because, sisters, you are our greatest examples and resource for these young women. And if you are obsessing over being a size 2, you won’t be very surprised when your daughter or the Mia Maid in your class does the same and makes herself physically ill trying to accomplish it. We should all be as fit as we can be—that’s good Word of Wisdom doctrine. That means eating right and exercising and helping our bodies function at their optimum strength. We could probably all do better in that regard. But I speak here of optimum health; there is no universal optimum size."
Please go to this talk and read it! The whole thing is amazing but I love this paragraph! I can really relate to this paragraph, cause this is something that I would do, we all do.
But why do we? I don't really know this answer. All i have to say is that I love this talk and I truly believe and agree with it..
We are precious daughters of God and He loves and we love Him. We are all different and thats ok. We have our own personalities, and talents. We are all special in our own way.
Remember, God created each and everyone of us individually. We are all special to Him. I know that! I'm still working on it. I know that Heavenly Father does love us no matter how we look! We are His children.
Who you are and what you stand for!

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  1. Amen! We all have so much to offer! It is a continuous battle to be in the world and not of it! Society tells us the opposite of what our Creator has. We must look to Him and realize our individual worth and purpose according to His eyes! Thank you for this! ♥♥/Mom