Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Remember... To Thank the Lord thy God.

I love this time of the year! I love the fall colors, the weather is great and the HOLIDAYS! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times, and not just cause of the amazing food. Thanksgiving really reminds me of family, and spending time with them. I remember from way back, when I was little, always going to my grandmas or my aunts house for thanksgiving.

I love getting together with the family and seeing everybody. I love seeing how they are doing, and just laughing and joking around with them. This is the first time being away from my family for thanksgiving, I miss them dearly. One thing I really miss is my moms razelberry pie. Ah, its so good. However, I'm so grateful to be here in California with my new family. My mission family, and to be with the friends I have made out here.
Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and to express our gratitude.
Thank you my family and friends back home for your love and support. Thank you President Bunker and Sister Bunker for the love you show, your examples and for being here to help lead and guide us missionaries! Thank you to all the missionaries serving the Lord, and for your faith. Thank you for all of you! For all of your love and support. Thank you Heavenly Father for this chance I have to be here.
I am so grateful the Lord called me to be here in California at this time. I love serving Him, and inviting others to come closer to Him. I'm very grateful for the people He has put into my life. I have Him to thank for everything. He has helped me so much in my life, and I know He has helped many of you as well. In 2 Nephi 9:52 it says," Behold, my beloved brethren, REMEMBER the words of your God; pray unto him continually by day, and give thanks unto his holy name by night. Let your hearts rejoice."
Remember Our Father in Heaven and show your gratitude to Him, and our Savior for His atoning sacrifice for us.
I'm so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father to send His son to die for us. I'm grateful for the family He has blessed me with. I'm grateful for this beautiful earth that He created for us to come and live on for a time. I love my Heavenly Father so much, and my Savior Jesus Christ. Remember Him! Express your love and gratitude to Him, not just tomorrow, but everyday! I love you all very much!
Remember who you are and what you stand for!
Happy ThanksGiving Family! I love you!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Sweetie!!! We are very proud to be your family and so proud of the choice that you have made to serve the Lord!! I am so grateful to a loving Father in Heaven for entrusting you into my care! I feel soooo blessed to have you as my 1st EBD!!! hee hee!! I miss you like crazy, however, I would not want yo to be anywhere else at this time!! You have blessed my life beyond measure! I love this Gospel! I love you!! Oh and if it makes you feel any better..I didn't make my famous Razzleberry pies this year!=) Happy Thanksgiving!! Love you tons!! MUA!!!!