Saturday, May 28, 2011

Love music?

The other day we were doing choir practice at the church with some of the missionaries in our zone. We were practicing a hymn that we are going to be singing on Sunday. 
As we were practicing, I couldn't help but watch everyone. I noticed how we were all laughing and smiling and having fun while we were practicing. After practicing the hymn one of the elders went to the piano and started playing songs on the piano. Before I knew it we were all gathered around the piano singing along.
During the time that we were practicing I felt so much love within that room. Later that night I thought about why there was so much love in the room and so much happiness.
The next morning for my personal study I wanted to know and understand why we have music. There are many things in the Bible that talk about music, even the people in the Bible times laughed and enjoyed singing and playing music.
"For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me.." (Doctrine and Covenants 25:11-12)
We were singing a hymn, which is "a prayer unto [God]".
This was the Lord speaking to the Prophet Joseph Smith, for his wife Emma to put hymns together.
As a missionary, I teach how the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families and draws our family closer together. This night at choir practice was just another testimony to me that this is true. I am miles away from my mom, dad, brother and sister. However, the people I meet here, and the missionaries, I consider my family. This night being gathered together singing hymns just drew us closer together.
I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ does indeed draw family and friends closer together! I love the comedy show "I Love Lucy". There are many times in the episode when it show the four friends singing together, happy and joyful songs. It is those happy, joyful, and uplifting music that brings us closer together. I know Heavenly Father wants us to be close and I know that music is a great blessing to have.


  1. Otto Bosch i love everything about music!, specially instrumental, it just soothes the soul! since i was a kid in venezuela, i wanted to play the piano i love it's sounds and wanted to be part of creating them. i cant hear a piano and not have it just make me relax and warm up my heart, and puts a smile on my face, when my family moved here, we did all sorts of activities, my sister did karate, my brothers and i did taekwondo, we did wrestling and baseball and other sports nothing has helped me more than music. it has seriously changed my life, the type of music i listen to determines my mood, that's why i always like to listen to clasical, exciting music and church music, i cant listen to super heavy music or else i get sad an upset... haha, kinda funny. i play a little of piano and guitar, my dad is the master at the "cuatro" it's halfway between a uke and a guitar, my brothers play the battery and violin, and my sister plays piano, accordion, and violin... my mom just has an angelic voice! we're a little musical...and i love it! i'm probably the worse one, but i feel like when elder bowen when he talked about his wife playing the piano and him just laying down in the living room and listening, it's so amazing! i love doing that! music is awesome

  2. It is so amazing how music can instantly bring the spirit and bring instant joy into your heart.

  3. Amen to all the comments and the blog! I am VERY musically challenged but i can appreciate music a whole lot! I feel so much closer to my savior as i listen to uplifting music. I just love dancing to music too! i'm challenged when it comes to dancing too, but just makes my body want to move! haha