Monday, April 11, 2011

GPS or The Spirit?

Meet Shanane! Yes, she is my GPS. There used to help us find our way to our destination. Very cool and useful invention.
tomtom-go-740-live-gps-2 TomTom GO 740 Navigation Device
On Sunday night we typed in this address to go visit a family. I thought one last house before we head home for the night. Well, the house ended up being in the boonies somewhere in Santa Rosa. After searching for this house, in the dark, not being able to find it I type our home address and started heading home. As we started heading down the mountain Shanane told us to take a turn. A turn we didn't take coming up this mountain. I knew that that wasn't the way back to our home, it didn't feel right. As the turn was coming I was debating whether or not I should turn. I thought well, Shanane is a GPS she must know what she is saying, so I turned.
We started going further and further into the mountain and further further away from home, or so I felt. I decided to turn around and start heading down the other way.
Shanane told us to take another turn, once again I listened. We ended up going towards the house we were trying to find earlier, back up the mountain. I checked my GPS to make sure I punched in the right address, yes it was the right address, so why is she taking me through all these turns? 
I finally decided to stop listening to her and listen to the Spirit and what I felt to be the right way to go. I turned around again, trying to remember the way we came. Shanane told me to make a turn, I decided NO not this time and went straight. I found my way out of the mountain and we were able to make it home.
If I would've listened to the spirit the first time in what way to go we would've avoided all those other wrong turns.
How many times in our life do we debate to do what we feel is right to doing what the world says it right? Something that is so good, and seems so harmless took us further and further away from our destination.
Being here on earth, our destination is to return to live with our Father in Heaven. How many things do we see that try to take us away or lead us away from that destination?
I realize just how important it is for me, to follow what I know and feel to be right. Yes I will go off the path and stray, but hopefully only for a short time. I'm grateful to have the spirit to lead and guide me and help me in those times that I do tend to take a wrong turn.
Remember who you are and what you stand for!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! I am so grateful for the spirit:)