Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hungry?... for spiritual guidance?

I know its only Wednesday, but this week has been a great week so far!
This Sunday was the first Sunday of the month, so fast Sunday. A day which we fast for 2 meals and give money for those two meals to the church which goes towards feeding the poor. 
I never fasted before I came on a mission. I always wondered what the purpose was. I didn't think that it was that big of a deal. 
Well the past months I have come to understand the importance of fasting and what is the purpose of fasting.
Like alot of us do, I have questions and concerns that I want answered. Fasting is a way for me to show Heavenly Father that I really need to know the answer to my question or need my concerns resolved so I can do my work that I am here to do.  
Before fasting, start with a prayer and during the day think about that question and/or concern that you may have. 
I have found that my questions have been answered and my concerns have been addressed. Not only that, but I feel so good that day. I feel so in tune with the spirit and able to recognize promptings that come to my mind.
This Sunday I fasted for a particular thing, something for me, my companion and our area here in Napa. 
Yesterday, I felt like Heavenly Father heard and answered my prayer. It was like and ah-ha moment for me, that He does love me and is helping me in my area and as a missionary.  
The great thing about fasting is that you don't have to wait til fast Sunday to fast. You can fast anytime about anything.
I know that it is important to fast, and we can be more in tune with the spirit and the promptings he gives us. 
If you have a question or concern about anything or anyone, I want to invite you to fast and pray to the Father about it. I know that it will be answered.
Remember who you are and what you stand for!

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  1. Fasting truly does add power to our prayers. Surely we can expect answers to our pleadings with the Lord as we show him that we are willing to do His will. Thank you for the reminder:)